My Story:

This Adidas AdiPure 10 is the generic matchball version but added with one North American SuperLiga 2010 logo in one panel where the hole to the valve is, representing that this was a match ball used for the 2010 edition of the North American SuperLiga competition.

According to Wikipedia:  The SuperLiga was an official North American association football competition between teams from the Primera División of Mexico and Major League Soccer of the United States and Canada, the top divisions in each country. The competition was sanctioned by CONCACAF, U.S. Soccer, the Canadian Soccer Association and Federación Mexicana de Fútbol and served as the sub-regional championship for the North American section of CONCACAF, much like its Central American and Caribbean counterparts, the Copa Interclubes UNCAF and CFU Club Championship respectively.  The tournament was first held in 2007 and was cancelled in March 2011.


The Official Story:

I cannot find the official story for this ball so relying on the one for the Adidas AdiPure 10 would be sufficient.


Technical Story:

Made in Thailand.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.X3U

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