My Story:

This match ball from afar looks like the Adidas Cafusa 2013 Brazil FIFA Confederations Cup match ball but on closer look you will realize that Adidas has stealthily disguised a Adidas Brazuca technology for trial purposes at some 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup European Qualifiers in the UEFA region.  All hail the Brazuca technology which really looks like four fan like blades fused together through thermal bonding to form a perfect circle.

This ball must have been disguised with a Cafusa skin, even with a Cafusa FIFA Approved Code of 202.A1D and trialed to make sure that the ball does not really come up with too much complains and the beautiful game still flows.  I will not call this a prototype since the same was also used in the 2013 Turkey FIFA  Under-20 World Cup, and it should be already the final version to roll off the factories in China.


The Official Story:

Not on general retail so none should be available.


Technical Story:

Made in China.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.A1D (fake!)

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