My Story:

The fifth of match balls used in the first UEFA Europa League final held in the Torino or Turin to be exact but unlike the Finales used in the UEFA Champions League final, these balls do not have its own unique design other than having the team names. The 2014 UEFA Europa League final was the final match of the 2013/2014 UEFA Europa League season contested between Sevilla of Spain and Benfica of Portugal at the Juventus Stadium in Turin, which was won by Sevilla match 4–2 on penalties, following a 0–0 draw after extra time.

The technology of the ball is of the Adidas Tango 12 and Adidas Cafusa 2013 South Africa FIFA Confederations Cup, and also bearing the design of the latter, albeit of a different colour coding more attuned to the Europa League competition in red and orange.  Yet again, the FIFA Approved Code of 202.A1E differed from the Cafusa ones of 202.A1D, though every facet of the ball looked the same other than the design as described earlier and the country of manufacture, Pakistan for the Europa League and China for the Cafusa respectively.  This could mean that FIFA had assigned a different code because these balls were seen as different versions.


The Official Story:

You won’t typically see one for a finals match ball so you can take the regular 2013 Europa League match ball one as the exact representation.


Technical Story:

Made in Pakistan.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.A1E