My Story:

The Adidas Europass carries on with the technology of the Adidas Teamgeist 2 and hence the only difference is comsmetic.  Armed with a lot of black circles on a light grey background, it is not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing ball ever seen.  The national flags of both countries have also been integrated into the ball design, with eight circles in a subtle silver effect. The 12 black dots contain individual graphic elements developed by UEFA to accompany the 2008 Austria Switzerland Euro logo which this version has. These elements stand for passion, friendship, action, training, fans and the winning goal, which appear as watermarks in the black dots of the Adidas Europass.

The 2008 Austria Switzerland UEFA European Championship was also the first time where a different design of ball was made for the Final in Vienna, much like the Adidas Teamgeist Berlin of the 2006 Germany FIFA World Cup.


The Official Story:

Scientifically Engineered Micro-Texture Provides:

– More Power through greater friction between ball and boot.

– More Swerve due to increased spin rates.

– More Control thanks to greater contact between boot, glove and ball.

(Reference: the original Adidas box)


Technical Story:

Made in Thailand.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.A6W

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