My Story:

The Adidas Fevernova Orange (before the days of the PowerOrange) seems to be of a cheaper technology to the Adidas Fevernova of the 2002 FIFA World Cup fame as it has a FIFA Approved code of 202.R4Z instead of 202.S8D.  There is also no logo to show that it is to be used in the World Cup in Korea/Japan in the event of wintry conditions.  Moreover the manufacture batch code is B340303 so it should have been manufactured in 2003 which is a year after this World Cup.  Nonetheless being such a rare ball tough with Adidas downgrading such Orange balls to a lesser breed back then, it could be worth more than the top end version due to its scarcity.

I have pointed out in the Adidas Fevernova post that there are two versions of the Fevernova box.  The one in the pictures here does not have the I GOT THE FEVER logo and also the 2002 FIFA World Cup official logo is absent from the Adidas logo at the front and the back of the box.


The Official Story:

I don’t think these balls were on general retail or the official words were never uploaded online for such a rare gem.


Technical Story:

Made in Pakistan.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.R4Z

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