My Story:

The Adidas Fevernova Tendo is another lower end version of the Fevernova but still FIFA Approved, hence considered a cheaper match quality ball.  The colour scheme looks a lot like the Fevernova used in the 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup and some have also christened it the Fevernova Blue.  However since the FIFA Approved code is 202.J5Z as compared to the top end Fevernova used in both the men’s and women’s World Cups which is 202.S8D, it is definitely of a lesser technology.

And compared to the Fevernova Orange with a code of 202.R4Z, the technology is also different but it would be hard to discern which is of the better one.


The Official Story:

I have not seen one online so any contibutions would be helpful.


Technical Story:

Made in Pakistan.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.J5Z

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