My Story:

The one ball to rule them all.  Well almost.  The Adidas Finale 1 (as it is affectionately known in collectors circle) is the first of the Adidas balls dedicated to the UEFA Champions League, widely acknowledged as the pinnacle of club football not only in Europe but the world.  The star ball design has become such an icon that 10 years on the design still revolves around these stars with variations only in colour and design.   This Grey Stars ball (another of its nickname in collectors circle) is built on the tecnology of the Adidas Terrestra as they share the same FIFA Approved Code of 202.P7R.

Which brings me to the next statement.

The Adidas Finale will always be a branding that is here to stay but the technology will constantly evolve from the Terrestra, the Fevernova, the Roteiro, the Teamgeist, the Teamgeist 2/Europass/Terrapass and the current ‘Star Ball’ version which might be the technology only for the Finale since no other match balls utilitises the ‘Star Ball’ version yet.


The Official Story:

The adidas Finale features a unique design, inspired by the UEFA Champions League® starball logo, one of the most recognizable symbols in world football. The new design is completely different from the traditional adidas Tango design. This underlines adidas’ commitment to break new ground in the new millennium developing new and distinct products for the most important events in football. The exclusive Champions League design inextricably links adidas and the new matchball to the very best of football.On the technical side, the adidas Finale was developed based on the adidas EQUIPMENT Terrestra Silverstream, the Official Matchball of the UEFA European Football Championship 2000™.

Softer, faster and more accurate than any other adidas soccer ball before, the adidas Finale also features a layer of highly compressed, gas-filled micro-ballons of equal size (syntactic foam), proven during EURO 2000™ and probably contributing to the highest average goal rate in a major tournament ever.


Each year the best clubs in Europe feature the best players in the world hoping to win the coveted UEFA Champions League, a contest known to inpire the most exciting and unforgettable football play ever witnessed.

This ball features syntactic foam, a special layer of highly compressible, gas-filled micro-balloons of equal size, that returns energy in equal measures in all places.  This gives the ball greater rebound characteristics, which means it’s faster with a more accurate and predictable ball flight.  The millions of individual cells of air bedded in a polyurethane matrix also make it a much more durable ball.

(Reference: the original Adidas box)


Technical Story:

Made in Morocco.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.P7R

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