My Story:

I think I will be doing this ball a disfavour just because it was made in Pakistan and unlike its ‘original’ cousin which was made in Morocco.  Apparently the ones used in the actual 2001 UEFA Champions League tournaments were made in Morocco from somewhere I have read before.  Anyway to understand the story please refer to:

The slight difference is that there is no ‘Engineered in Germany’ wordings in the star ball logo and also some differences in the placing of the wordings on batch numbers, where the ball was made and the batch number which says A350302 instead of B371100. It could be that earlier batches were made in Morocco since B371100 meant that it was batch 37 made in Nov 00 while A350302 meant that is was batch 35 made in Mar 02.


The Official Story:

Again please refer to the link above. 


Technical Story:

Made in Pakistan.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.P7R

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