My Story:

The fifth ball of the Finale range is also nicknamed the Finale 5 or the Blue stars.  As with the Finale 4 or the Dark Red stars, this ball is just a change of colors and the technology is similar to the Roteiros and Pelias which basically uses the thermally bonded technology debuted by the Roteiro during the the 2004 UEFA European Championships held in Portugal.  For a while, Adidas has halted it’s annual improvements to the Finales.


The Official Story:

Sophisticated ball design and new production technology allow players at the UEFA Champions League level to utilise their skills to the fullest on the pitch.  Each season Adidas provides the provides the championship match ball for one of the most passionately competitive tournaments in the world.  The UEFA Champions League, which pits Europe’s top clubs against each other.  Team and national pride are at stake with every pass and every shot, so the match ball must perform as well as the players themselves.

Adidas Power Balance Technology yields a new level of accuracy power transfer through the most precise, consistent shape and feel ever offered in a ball.  A true champion’s ball.

The game of football is faster and more technical than ever before.  Traditional ball construction has reached its limits.  Consequentially a new ball production concept has been developed – providing consistent quality and performance from one ball to the next.

The new Finale ball by Adidas, with Power Balance Technology has a seamless surface design and revoluntionary new carcass.

A new themal bonding technique replaces traditional hand stitching, creating a smoother, seamless surface with a responsive and sensitive ball contact.  The result is predictable trajectory, substantially minimal water uptake and maximum abrasion resistance.

The Finale’s new carcass (the innards) features a new lamination technique that works in combination with a machine stitched process.  The benefit ties in the most uniform dynamic properties for optimal balance and maximum energy return regardless of trajectory origin.

(Reference: the original Adidas box)


Technical Story:

Made in Thailand.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.J1P


  1. Yang
    February 26, 2013

    Hi there,

    I just wonder where I can buy the “Adidas Finale 2005 UEFA Champions League aka Finale 5–BLUE STAR” ball?

    Any suggestions?


    • Wilson
      March 1, 2013

      Hi there Yang, I think the best is to look at eBay. Which country are you from?

  2. Yang
    March 14, 2013

    I’m from Australia. I tried to search it on eBay, but they don’t have this one available currently. But thanks anyway, I will keep looking!

    • Guna
      April 10, 2013

      Hey Yang,

      I have one but without the box. Let me know if you’re interested. I’m in Australia also.


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