My Story:

The eleventh ball of the Finale range is also nicknamed the Finale 11.  Not satisfied on just using the star panels ball with the now customary PSC-Texture (dimples or goose bumps) for a year, Adidas has come up with an upgraded version that has the Grip ‘N’ Groove technology that gives the ball a whole new sense of feel with a techno like beat.


The Official Story:

Experience the power, accuracy and precision flight of the Adidas Finale 11 Ball.

This Adidas Finale 11 Ball is the Official ball for the 2011/12 UEFA Champions League which reaches the climaxes at the Allianz Arena on 19th May 2011.

Meeting and exceeding all FIFA Approved Standards for an official match ball, which sees this football receive the highest FIFA rating for weight, water uptake, shape and size retention.

The Finale 11 Football adorns the Champions League star design which has has been famously featured on the ball since it’s debut back in the 2000/01 season.The Finale 11 is constructed from star shaped panels for perfect aerodynamics and joined using revolutionary thermal bonding technology, negating the need for seams and stitching; great for prolonging the life of the ball.

The Football feature a seamless surface for a more predictable trajectory and better touch while also reducing water uptake. Underneath the surface of the Adidas Finale 11 football, is a top end backing and bladder which helps to ensure perfect on-field performance

Features Include:

  • Requires inflation.
  • 70% polyurethane / 30% leather (imitation).



Technical Story:

Made in Pakistan.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.A1A

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