My Story:

The Finale Athens was designed withn Greek artistry in mind as the event was held in Athens, capital of Greece. The 2007 UEFA Champions League final was the final match of the 2006/2007 UEFA Champions League season contested between AC Milan of Italy and Liverpool of England at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, which was won 2-1 by AC Milan in normal regulation time.  This allowed AC Milan to avenge their loss to Liverpool in the epic final held in Istanbul just 2 years ago.


The Official Story:

The new shape of accuracy.

1 Revoluntionary Panel Shape: eliminates surface irregularities to create a perfectly round ball for greater accuracy.

2 New Carcass: improves accuracy and power.

3 Complete Underglass Print: significantly decreases abrasion of design.

4 Thermal Bonding: seamless panels create a smooth, consistent kicking surface.

(Reference: the original Adidas box)


Technical Story:

Made in Thailand.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.X3U

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