My Story:

This is probably the first of the orange Finale balls to be used in snow conditions affecting UEFA Champions League matches.  Even though the make was in 2004 (am pretty sure as it says A020604 on the ball which probably means batch 2 made in Jun 04), it does not use the thermally bonded technology already used for the Finales and Roteiros of that year.  This is actually the case with Adidas snow ball versions which tend to be a lower end or I should say of an older technology then it’s summer/white versions.  I have not seen pictures of these being actually used in matches but it must have been those early days where such balls have still not garnered a cult following yet.  I may be wrong though.


The Official Story:

I have not seen one yet.  Feel free to provide me with something or anything!


Technical Story:

Made in China.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.B2R

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