My Story:

The Adidas Icon was really based on the techonology of the Adidas Tricolore used in the 1998 FIFA World Cup held in France.  Replacing the cockerel motifs in the Tango trigons and colours of the French flag are pictures of the Statute of Libery in light green, George Washington in yellow, the Empire State Building in orange and the Capitol Building in light blue.  There is also a rose in pink and the Golden Gate Bridge in red.  A very American ball with all very American icons indeed (not sure about the rose though).

The finals was held at Rose Bowl, Pasedena, California and the United States of America defeated China 3-2 in penalty kicks after 0-0 in extra time.


The Official Story:

I believe that the official story would have been similar to the Adidas Tricolore with little variation.


Technical Story:

Made in Morocco.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.P7R

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