My Story:

Another edition of the UEFA European Championships, another major tournament that pits the cream of Europe against one another, a different place in Ukraine and Poland, and another familiar script…a change to the technology of the match ball.  Where change is the only constant and at a stage where it warrants change in the eyes of Adidas, bar one which is the FIFA World Cup, the 2012 edition of this European showcase will be adorned by none other than the Adidas Tango 12 2012 Ukraine Poland UEFA European Championship match ball.

Reminiscent of the good old Tango days, the Tango 12 is another beauty that grows on you.  Coupled now with the better grip, rounder ball (other balls were cubes really) and more obedient flight of the ball (it will go where you want it!), it is not hard to think that this match ball version should last at least 4 years right?  Oh well, Adidas would have something up their sleeves again come 2014.

Even though this Adidas Tango 12 2012 Ukraine Poland UEFA European Championship ball looks and feels like the generic Adidas Tango 12, for some reason it has the FIFA Approved code of 202.A1D instead of the 202.A1E of the latter. A closer look at the country of manufacture and it showed China instead of Pakistan, perhaps the only difference between a 202.A1D (China) and a 202.A1E (Pakistan).


The Official Story:

Inspired by the classic Tango design used in previous tournaments in the early eighties, the adidas Tango 12 football features a coloured outline referencing the national flags of Euro 2012 hosts Poland and Ukraine.

Incorporated in the Tango pattern of the adidas Euro 2012 official match ball, three bespoke graphics celebrate the decorative art of paper cutting traditional in rural areas of both host countries and symbolise unity, rivalry and passion.

Thermally bonded triangular panels have been designed to provide the adidas Tango 12 football with a true, stable trajectory while a grip texture coating gives the Euro 2012 official match ball enhanced boot to ball contact and control.

Underneath the surface of the adidas Tango 12 football, a woven shell and a new bladder mean the Euro 2012 official match ball offers improved air retention and less water uptake.

Meeting and exceeding all Fifa Approved Standards for an official match ball, the adidas Tango 12 football has been developed and exhaustively tested over two years making the Euro 2012 ball the most tested adidas football ever!

Features Include:

  • 70% polyurethane / 30% leather (imitation)



Technical Story:

Made in China.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.A1D

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