My Story:

The Adidas Terrestra Silverstream may have silver and grey only but it does turn out to be a classic, a lot like its brethren the Adidas Gamarada of the 2000 Sydney Olympics fame. From the FIFA Approved code, this ball actually has the same technology of the Adidas Tricolore, which really means that it is not an upgrade but a change of the facade.

This ball has the 2nd version of the FIFA Approved logo (effective in 2000) and may or may not have been the versions used in the actual matches.   I have seen those with the 1st version of the FIFA Approved logo so if anyone knows the truth please let me know.

The finals was held at the Feijenoord Stadion in Rotterdam, Netherlands and France defeated Italy 2-1 with a golden goal in extra time after the score was tied 1-1 in normal regulation time.


The Official Story:

Softer, faster, more durable.  The ball features synthetic foam, a special layer of highly compressible gas-filled-micro-balloons of equal size, that returns energy in equal measures in all places. This gives the ball greater rebound characteristics, which means that it’s faster with a more accurate and predictable ball flight. The millions of individual cells of air bedded in a polyurethane matrix also make it a much more durable ball. 

The silver-metallic design of the ball, as well as its name, Silverstream, are in tribute to the rivers in the host countries of the Euro 2000, Belgium and the Netherlands.  The rivers are responsible for the economic health of the region and people refer to them as the “silver streams, because their silvery appearance in the early morning hours.

Adidas is the official partner of UEFA and therefore supplies official match balls for the European Championships since 1972.

(Reference: the original Adidas box)


Technical Story:

Made in Morocco.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.P7R


  1. Marc
    June 10, 2013

    Hey Wilson, i just submitted a comment (question about a Terrestra orange)
    Here’s some additional info:
    – made in pakistan
    – batch# A310300
    – FIFA logo has 2 globes above the FIFA with a 1977 copyright

    • Wilson
      June 12, 2013

      I have replied and I do have a request. Could you get me this ball as it is missing from my collection? Thank you.


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