My Story:

This is one of the match balls that never saw competition time as it had the label UEFA Cup imprinted when the 2010 series was destined to be revamped as the Europa League, an effort by UEFA to give the poorer brethen of the Champions League a much needed advertising and reputation boost.  With the revamp of the UEFA Cup competition to the Europa League, UEFA seem to have succeeded big time in making this competition into a more exciting format and engagement. 

These balls must have been produced by Adidas early as part of an alternative plan to supply clubs with these balls in case the name change did not happen.  A good Plan B or A indeed.  Note that the final version says Europa League and has the smaller Europa League logo in white instead of the yellow seen here.


The Official Story:

A prototype has no official story but you can always rely on the final Europa League product to give it some due description.


Technical Story:

Made in Thailand.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.A6W

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