My Story:

This is even older than the Nike NK Geo series where the Geo Balanced technology is proudly advertised on the ball.  Here we have the now famous Nike tag of Engineered to the Exact Specifications of Championship Athletes, and also being older than the Geo family, it also does not have the FIFA Approved logo already associated with Adidas balls of the era (assuming it’s before circa 2000).  Nonetheless the Nike NK 800 SX has Meets or Exceeds International Standards opulently displayed on the simple classical looking white based ball, denoting a match ball quality to it.  Moreover using the Nike NK Geos as a gauge, the high number of 800 seems to point to a higher grade too so yes bring it on!


The Official Story:

Nike may have advertised for the generic NK 800 SXs in those days so appreciate if this can be found.


Technical Story:

Made in Pakistan.

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