My Story:

This is considerd a fourth change to the design of premier league balls.  Instead of having three circles surrounding the ball, the Total 90 Aerow II design is now like one thick red circle merged together at 90 degress to a thick semi-circle.  Seeing the pictures would probably tell a better story so have a look please.  Oh and please have a look at the 2D blue lion that is the Barclays Premier League logo.  Looks different from now eh?


The Official Story:

For the Total 90 Aerow II Ball, Nike redesigned the graphic but maintained the high performance construction that had established Nike as a quality ball manufacturer.

Once again featuring Nike-exclusive Geo Balanced Technology, with a 32 panel design for truer and more accurate flight. A hand-stitched polyurethane case incorporated 6 double hex panels, for enhanced aerodynamics and the ability to precisely shape shots and passes.



Technical Story:

Made in Pakistan.

FIFA Approved Code: 259.K4U

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