My Story:

A sixth change to the technology of Nike balls used in the English Premier with more abstract design that tries to look futuristic as compared to its predecessor the Total 90 Omni.  However the Total 90 Ascente may have overdid things a bit as I find it rather kiddish looking for all the effort put it.


The Official Story:

Engineered to be the game’s perfect sphere, the Nike T90 Ascente Official Ball of the Premier League stands alone in performance as the most accurate and visible ball in the world.  It creates a flicking image as it spins, which enhances visibility in dull or cloudy weather.  This football is also tri-layered to increase the range of projection when kicked.

The Official Ball of the Premier League features a 360 Sweet Spot, meaning that wherever you kick it, it will react as if you kicked the sweet spot.  And the micro-textured surface reduces air resistance so the ball travels faster.  Watch the T90 Ascente in action during Premier League games.

  • Perfect sphericity allows the ball to fly faster, farther and more accurately

  • Asymmetrical high-contrast graphic creates an optimal flicker for powerful visual signals

  • Compressed polyethylenecasing

  • FIFA approved



Technical Story:

Made in Pakistan.

FIFA Approved Code: 259.J8J

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