My Story:

The Total 90 Omni version used in the 2009 CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores. Like with all other Nike Omni, this ball looks simple but nice on the overall, and has this dark red color scheme.

Like with Adidas match balls in the UEFA Champions League since 2001, Nike match balls have a stranglehold in CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores since 2002.  However unlike the Adidas with its Finale range of balls for the UEFA Champions League, Nike has no specific range of balls for the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores.  But even with Adidas calling them Finales since 2001, the technology shows improvements at least once every 2 years while Nike uses the different range of balls from Geo Merlins, Aerows, Aerow II,  Mercurial Vapor, Mercurial Veloci and now the Omnis.


The Official Story:

I do not recall seeing one specifically for the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores version of the Nike Omni so the one for the English Premier League one is apt enough.


Technical Story:

Made in China.

FIFA Approved Code: 259.V8L

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