My Story:

This orange Neo Spark (or Neo Pro Hi-Vis) was launched for the 2010/2011 English Football Association Cup season but drew flak for its orange colour though it was appropriate since the initial rounds occured during the winter season.  It eventually gave way to the white version some time in February when Umbro got enough of the criticisms of a rather ‘invisible’ ball at times.  I think that was the story of how it was condemned to ignomity once and for all.

Unusually mentioned as a Neo Pro by official sources Umbro and the ProDirectSoccer online retail giants, the Neo Spark name on the seem somehow irrelevant.


The Official Story:

Combining cutting-edge design and technology with fine craftsmanship, the Umbro Neo Pro football is the official matchball of the e-on sponsored F.A . Cup 2010/11.

Designed to go exactly where you want it to, the Umbro F.A . Cup Neo Pro Football will fly through the air fast, straight and true.

While most footballs use a template of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons, the Umbro F.A . Cup Neo Pro is designed with just 14 hand stitched panels, laser cut for absolute precision.

Umbro’s patented 14 panel configuration means the Umbro F.A . Cup Neo Pro football has cleaner strike zones for more purchase and a better connection with the ball.

It’s 14 panel design also creates better shape retention for a smoother, faster and more accurate flight on the ball as it’s flying through the air.

With the irregular geometric shape of the panels, asymmetrical design and bold eye-catching graphics, the Umbro F.A . Cup Neo Pro football offers clearer visibility while the soft leather finish provides better control and a fantastic first touch.



Technical Story:

Made in Pakistan.

FIFA Approved Code: 209.I2R


  1. Rich
    October 19, 2012

    Do you use these balls or just collect them? Just wondering what this ball is like to own and use in the long-term (quality and durability wise).

    • Wilson
      November 26, 2012

      Hi Rich, I have usually just collect the balls and keep in a box for display. Most are just to expensive to use regularly. As for the Umbro Neo Spark I have used it extensively because I bought a lightly used one for my kickabouts and it is really a good ball for control and making it go where you want it to.

  2. Tim
    January 22, 2013

    I am an American (don’t laugh). Ever since I spent $110 on the Adidas rotero (Euro 04) ball I hate using sub standard balls. It may make me a ball snob but I can now tell the difference in flight and control. This Umbro Neo Spark hi vis is on ebay for $40-50. Is that a great value?
    My favorite ball to own was the adidas team geist 08 under 24 championship ball. But the nike epl hi vis from 05 was good just didn’t last long. I have used the adidas prime but can’t find it at a price I’m willing to pay. Any suggestions of places to purchase fifa match quality balls at REALLY LOW PRICES $$$???

    • Wilson
      February 5, 2013

      Hi Tim, if you are using for your kickabouts or friendly matches, I know of some mates in the UK who get match used Nike Premier League balls used by the clubs for training. These can come as low as $60. I have used the Umbro Neo Spark and I think it is good value at that price, as the feel is good too.

    • Tim
      March 23, 2013

      I play some 3-5 times a week and competition ranges from Men’s competitive to coed competitive to Indoor and 99% of the games are on field turf. I usually bring a ball because I am the responsible one and also I just don’t like playing with a ball you can find at your local drugstore. Ebay still has this ball for another week for less then $60 including shipping. As far as used… I guess that’s fine but I am not sure as far as life span. They typically lose air eventually but as often as I play I want my money stretched as far as it can. I’ll usually buy another before this one dies. Same with my GK gloves and gear.


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