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Some Call This Passion.
Others Call This An Obsession.

I hail from the tropical climes of Singapore, a football crazy country that can only count South East Asian champions as a major success.  Welcome to my humble collection of match quality (i.e. FIFA Approved) footballs that I have accumulated since March 2009.  Initially, as with many laymen who follow football throughout the world, I could not understand why some balls can cost more than USD 100 as a ball is just a ball, as long as you are a good player, the material and hence the cost of a ball should not matter.

Or so I thought.

Before March 2009, I had fewer than 10 cheap balls in my collection and these were purchased randomly, at less than USD 25, as and when I thought they were nice, discounted or from an overseas country for the memories.  Once bought, these balls would just disappear conveniently into a corner or a storage box, only to surface now and then.

Then came 2009, with my career seemingly in a cruise mode, my interest in collecting Star Wars toys tapering off, and Man City going nowhere close to a European spot, I had a chance encounter with an Adidas Fevernova 2002 World Cup Match Ball in Queensway Shopping Center that was selling at half price.  Even after 7 years, half price really meant SGD 90 (about USD 55) and I still could not understand why it was so.

Nonetheless, I was feeling a bit more loaded and decided to purchase something that seem to be of value (a World Cup ball!) at a 50% discounted price.  Feeling contented to have bought a memorabilia at such a cheap price and deferring the purchase of a Adidas Teamgeist 2006 World Cup Match Ball (SGD 99), I started to trawl in eBay, Google and the web in general for more information about the beauty of a FIFA Approved match ball and was mesmerized on what I had missed out from the World, European, South American and Asian arena.

Thus began my never-ending journey of collecting match quality balls, a journey that has cost me quite a fortune but given me much satisfaction through knowing I have something that would appreciate in value and make me new friends all over the world.  If you got a story with any such balls, do not hesitate to drop me an email.

Welcome to A Few Good Balls, a visual treasure trove for those with the same passion or obsession.

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  1. Definitely share the same passion, and proud to help stock your collection!

  2. Thanks a lot mate…I hope to get the English League and Cup match balls out asap. Now that would be a spectacle! 🙂

  3. hi, i was at 1999 champs lge final utd v bayern and i caught one of the match balls which was accidently kicked into the crowd in the nu camp.i have never had it valued.how much do you think it is worth?its a nike nk 800 geo.patent no-0652794.regards brian

    1. I have sent you a reply to your email, please let me know. Thanks.

  4. hello,
    sorry for my bad english… 🙂
    you are also collect puma matchballs???
    i have one real “kick off” ball puma of the polish ekstraklasa… with a certificate.
    you are interesting…???

    1. Hi I do collect Puma balls and have a few that I have not yet displayed here. What is a kick off ball?

      1. A kick off ball, is the ball that was the first ball to be used in the game. (Ball used for kick-off)

      2. Yes that’s correct mate

  5. hi just to say keep collecting its a great hobby as i collect balls and shirts(match used)i have the matchball from the last f a cup final at old wembley number 6 of 100. it was used on match day as balls 1-10 are the only balls taken to wembley,i also have the yellow snow umbro ball from bolton wanderers kit man has only had light trainin.finalg use if you were interested at all. f a cup final ball is not for sale it was valued at bonhems auction at 500 gbp starting bid thanks mick.

    1. Thanks for looking and yes I will want to collect footballs for years to come. Which yellow snow ball is that? I may have the ball actually.

    2. Hi Michael,

      Do you have an email address? Would like to enquire about something.


  6. hi it has the road to new wembley written on it and is called the hi vis ball used from november to march then returned back to white ball cheers

    1. I believe that it is the Umbro X FA Cup Hi Vis ball which I already have.

  7. I been there so many balls before, but after I got marry need to down size to collect mini balls only. : )

    1. Yup I can really understand, in fact am looking for some warehousing solutions for them. 🙂

  8. you have a facebook? I am a collector too but yours is beyond mine

    1. Good to know you, add me at http://www.facebook.com/WilsonChia?ref=tn_tnmn

  9. i allso got into balls in 09 now i have most champions league ballsgot both nike balls and all star ball but for some snow balls do you have any for sale thanks steve

    1. No spare ones at the moment but there are some really good deals on eBay. Do you have old English cup balls for sale?

  10. Hi yo… I am from Singapore too and recently have this great interesting in collecting soccerballs… Currently I am using those low cones i purchased from Sportslink to display my balls. Where did you get those display stand?

    And do you display all your 200+ balls at home??

    1. Hi sorry for the late reply as I was away on business trip and spent a lot of personal time on other stuff when I came home. I actually got my display stand from a collector but I just use it to take pictures. As for how I display at home, I just use Ikea Samla boxes and for stand I just the low containers from SKF.

  11. Hi Wilson

    Very impressed with your collection so far! I’m also working on my own collection please feel free to check out my website wclegends.com and if you need anything from the UK I’m happy to help!


    1. Hi Amar, sorry for the late reply…nice website you have there and it seems you have all your balls signed?

  12. Hello Wilson,

    I own a Terrestra Silverstream with the old-type Fifa-Approved logo (like it is seen on the Questra Europa or Tricolore).
    I have not seen an image of a ball like mine in the internet yet.
    Could it be some kind of “hybrid-type”, maybe from the year 1999 or early year 2000? I know that the Matchballs at Euro 2000 had the “new” Fifa-Approved logo imprint.
    Do you have any infos about my ball?

    Thank you very much,

    1. Hi Hendrik, unfortunately I do not have much information about your ball but I know that some Terrestra Silverstream had the old logo. It could be those earlier versions of the ball they produced at the time FIFA was updating the logos. Sale of match balls usually occur about 2 months before the tournament and the production 6 months before that. You could see from the batch number on the ball. For example B34001 06/12 in a recent ball meant it was made in June 2012. Hope this helps.

  13. Hi Wilson,

    Can you tell me if the Adidas Tricolore was ever made in Vietnam also?


    1. I have never seen in made in Vietnam before…unfortunately.

      1. Ok no worries. Just purchased one that was made in Vietnam. Made the same year as the ones Made in Morroco. Been told it’s genuine.

  14. Hi there,

    Anybody interested in an UEFA Europa League Final 2012 held in Bucharest, signed by Miodrag Belodedici ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miodrag_Belodedici ), the first player to win the Champions League Cup with two different clubs, by playing in both finals.

    Kind Regards,


  15. i have a umbro neo match ball from the community shield of 2010 any ideas how much it would be worth and a premie league ball from the season 2010/11 any ideas of value its worth ?

    1. The Umbro Neo Pro is the one with red stripes and Chelsea vs Man Utd? It should be at least 120 pounds (limited edition numbered ball) while the Premier League ball is at most 50 pounds as there are many floating around.

  16. i have a mitre revolve colchester united 2008-2009 my grandan took me to a match and it was kicked over the stand and i collected it after the match and it the fifa code is 219,Q0E it also has 1st team and Gk written on both sides i know i shouldnt but i play with it on concrete so it has a bit of ware and tear on it but this is the best mitre ball ive had.

    1. Yes the Mitre Revolve is a good ball indeed! 🙂

  17. Hi,

    i am an collektor to. Could you halp my to find the AFA Balls?


    1. Hi Nenand, I think the best way is to bet in touch with an Argentinian collector or look for them in ebay. I can only get you the AFA Tafugo.

  18. Hi,

    My name is Bon from Hong Kong.
    We would like to invite you to share your football during World Cup period in shopping mall.

    Please contact me if you are interested on it.

    Many thanks.

    Senior Mkt Executive

    1. Hi Bon, sorry I won’t be interested but if you like to rent them out for a fee then maybe.

      1. Hi Wilson,

        Nice to hear your reply. We are an event agency in HK working for local malls and properties. Sure we hope to have your kind participation and we are willing to pay for the exhibits rental as well as the cost/expenses inviting you coming to HK as special guest for our world cup event in April/ May.

        For details, we will send to your email for your further preview and consideration. Pls reconfirm if this email is correct –

        Hope you will consider and thank you so much!

        All the best,
        Bon / Pilot

      2. Hi this email is correct. Thank you.

  19. Hi, if anyone is interested I have a few balls for sale, I ended up buying so many at one point it got out of hand so I’ve decide to keep my burnley ones ( still over 20 all incases dating back to mid 80s)

    For sale I have
    Mitre revolve 2010 league two play off final signed by match officials
    2 Leicester city revolve footballs from there promotion season to the championship where they broke many records with the ball
    1 wolves revolve football from there promotion season to the prem
    1 burnley TENSILE from 2011 season
    2 Sheffield united TENSILES from 2011 season
    1 signed burnley delta v12 from 2012 season
    1 Carlton delta v12 from 2012 season

    That’s all I can think of so far but there is more if anyone has any requests for there collection!

    1. I may be interested in the Wolves Revolve. Do you have pictures of this ball? Please send to wilson.chia@afewgoodballs.com.

      1. Emailed you the other day, you should have some pics if you check your inbox

    2. Hi Andrew,

      Would you have any Mitre Ultimax 1998-2001 you are willing to sell?

      I tried dropping you an email but never got any response.


  20. Emailed again mate, should be one in your inbox

  21. Hi everyone – i have a spare Nike Gold Tracer 10k Limited Edition up for grabs (only 100 ever produced as most of you will know). I bought 4 from Niketown London when they came out. Thinking of putting my last one up for sale on ebay soon. Get in touch if interested. Cheers!

    1. Hi there Greg, I may be interested if you still have it.

      Message me at Marvin.Simmonds@gmail.com

  22. Hi
    I have the full collection of Adidas World Cup Footballs from 1970 to the current 2014 ball. Is this collection of interest to you ?
    Simon Heaps

    1. Hi Simon, are these balls the original ones, for example the 1970 ball is actually 44 years old?

  23. hi
    which is the mitre ball that has all the league teams printed all over it ? and any ideas on value

    1. Hi Mitre Revolve, Tensile and Delta 12 have the league teams printed on the balls and should be worth about 40 pounds each.

  24. Hi Wilson.

    First off i love your collection. i also collect match balls but for my home club, Scunthorpe United.

    I need help tracking down the revolve 2009 version (they changed the colours on the ball from 2008)

    If you could help me that would be great.

    Kepp up the good work – Dan.

    1. Thanks Dan, if I can find spares I will let you know.

      1. Thanks Wilson.

  25. Hello Wilson

    I´m a footballs lovers to from Portugal. I Have now arround 300 diferent official balls and I want more and more balls.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Miguel, that is really great to hear. Sorry for the late reply. Do you have facebook?


  26. HI There bro,

    I have already message you with regards to the BNIB Adidas FINALE 9 I have available for sale.

    Hope to hear from you soon bro…

    Thanks man

  27. HI There Guys,

    I currently have a BNIB Adidas Finale 9 football for sale. If anyone would be interestef, do kindly drop me an email at iswandiseven@gmail.com

    I am from Singapore too…

    Thanks man

  28. I have just got my hands on a 2014 play off final ball. I would never sell it as it has more sentimental value than you could ever know. (A charity football match for cancer care). Its a mitre v12 with league one play off final 2014 on it. Its signed by vintage clarets which are my old Burnley heroes. It must have been a spare. Just ordered a glass display case where it will remain in my house forever

    1. Hi Adam, sorry for the lateness in reply. Congrats on getting such a great ball, it’s really wonderful for all Burnley fans!

  29. Hi, does anybody have any Mitre Ultimax balls? New/used. Please drop me an email: rb989653 AT Gmail.conn (mispelt on purpose)

    1. I am not selling mine but I will allow your comment here to get some bandwidth! 🙂

  30. Hi, I am curious to see if you are selling any footballs. I am interested in purchasing multiple footballs on here. Thanks.

    1. sorry mate I will not be selling those here

  31. Hi i have the same ball that you posted here http://www.afewgoodballs.com/nike/nike-super-cup-2008-uefa-super-cup/ what would be a good asking price for this ball?
    I want to sell him.

  32. Would like some opinion here:
    1) do you guys inflate the ball fully? And if yes, and ball been deflated over time , is it advisable to inflate them again to retain the shape ?
    2) what sort of design can I custom make to showcase the balls ?
    Thanks in advance

  33. Hello Wilson,
    could you please contact me by e-mail?
    I am searching for a special ball and I hope you can help me to find/buy it.

    Thanks in advance!
    Best regards

    1. Hi Lana, which ball is that?

  34. Hi Wilson,
    it’s the Total 90 Hi-Vis ball (yellow and blue) from 2004 or 2005.
    Do you think there is a chance to get it?

    1. I have replied you via email. Please have a look. Thanks.

  35. Hi Wilson, I sent you an email but did not get a response. I am looking a ball and I’m just trying my luck to see if you happen to have a spare and willing to sell. Understand you do not sell/trade usually. Pls contact me via email if possible.

    1. Sorry but what ball is that?

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