Adidas Gamarada 2000 Sydney Olympics

My Story:

This Adidas Gamarada ball has a similar look and feel of the Adidas Terrestra Silverstream 2000 UEFA European Championship match ball, except that it is red in color representing the Australian outback and comes with the word Gamarada meaning friend in aboriginal language.  Like the Adidas Questra Olympia used in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics before it, the Gamarada utilises the current existing technology of the FIFA World Cup.  In this instance, the science is of the Adidas Tricolore, the 1998 FIFA World Cup match ball.  This ball was also used in the 2000 J League season and carries the J League logo in the match used balls.


The Official Story:

Softer, faster, more durable.  The ball features synthetic foam, a special layer of highly compressible gas-filled-micro-balloons of equal size, that returns energy in equal measures in all places. This gives the ball greater rebound characteristics, which means that it’s faster with a more accurate and predictable ball flight. The millions of individual cells of air bedded in a polyurethane matrix also make it a much more durable ball. 

The design of the Equipment Gamarada reflects the colours of the Australian outback.  And the name is derived from the language of the aborigines, and means “camaraderie” or “friend”.

Adidas is the supplier of official match balls for World Cups and European Championships since 1970.

(Reference: the original Adidas box)


Technical Story:

Made in Morocco.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.P7R

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  1. Hello friend I´m interested for this ball can you tell me the price??. thanks

    1. Thanks for looking mate…sorry for replying in this website so late as I was tied down with work but I am glad to have been able to converse with you on facebook already.

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