Adidas Roteiro Orange

My Story:

Just like the summer version, the Adidas Roteiro 2005 UEFA European Championship, this Adidas Roteiro Orange embraces a new breakthrough technology that does not use stiching for piecing the panels of the ball together but uses thermal bonding with glue.  This probably gives the ball more durability and roundness, including the reduction of water intake.  However, on closer look, Adidas does write ‘Match Ball Replica’ and also it bears the FIFA Approve code of 202.R6G instead of 202.J1P, one will realise that this is of the Roteiro Grand Stade type and hence considered to be a lesser ball.  Perhaps there is something in the carcass or innards of the ball that does not quite make it top draw.

Also unlike the summer version, it only has ‘Match Ball Replica’ wordings, absent the UEFA logo and ‘Official Match Ball of the UEFA European Championships 2005’ wordings but I suspect that this was the match ball used in wintry conditions for European continental competitions for both men’s and women’s in 2005.


The Official Story:

I have not seen one for this winter version so any help would be much appreciated!


Technical Story:

Made in Thailand.

FIFA Approved Code: 202.R6G

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  1. 我看到过这个比赛用球的使用 如果需要我可以提供给你照片作为参考

    1. 好啊,多谢你可以提供给我!

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