The dominance of Adidas on football is worldwide and in terms of match quality balls, the brand basically provides the balls for the FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championships, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup.  This worldwide dominance on the most important football events sees it having unparalleled grip on this global game.  When one dreams of football, Adidas is never far away.

This pictures in this page are sorted by the type of ball that Adidas labels these balls as and not by type (technology) or competition.  For example, Adidas Finales ranges from the earlier technologies of balls from Terrestras in 2000, to Fevernovas in 2002, to Roteiros in 2004, to Teamgeists in 2006, to Terrapasses in 2008, to “Star Balls” in 2010 onwards.  Hence you will find Finales of different technologies labeled together here.  Similar examples are the Adidas Europa League and Adidas Super Cups.  I hope that this is a good way to categorise the pictures at the moment and I will be happy to reorganise them in a better manner suggested.

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  1. Hi, I recently contacted you but got no response. I was wondering if you are willing to sell or trade any of your teamgeist, powerorange or even other balls? My email is
    Thank you

    1. Hi thanks for looking. I am not sure which email you contacted me on as I did not see any from you. Please let me know so that I can fix things. Actually I am pretty certain I won’t be selling or trading most of my match balls but I do have spares for PowerOranges for Europa League 2010 and 2012 seasons.

      1. do you sell some teamgeist or europass or jabulani or europa league ball?
        And if you do, how can i contact with you?

      2. Do you sell some adipure 10 or some europa league ball or some teamgeist, terrapass, jabulani, speedcell or europass?
        If you do, how much will it cost?
        And how can i contact with you

      3. Hi I am selling a Jabulani Portuguese League ball. It is used but a rare ball and looking at 150 USD as it is a collectible for sure.

      4. Are you willing to sell a red teamgeist?
        Or do you maybe know where I can buy one, I got outbid on one on ebay today in the last second 🙁 and didn’t have time to bid higher

      5. Hi there, the ball is very rare and will be expensive. How much is your offer as I have a spare one.

  2. I’m not sure which one it was but it appears that the issue is fixed as I don’t see any other links to your email. What is the least you would take for each of the 2 powerorange balls that you have extras for? If you want to email me privately please do so, but it’s up to you. My email again is

    1. I have sent you an email. Thanks!

  3. hey iam very intressted in some of your balls.. please contact me maybe we can change or i can buy some.. greetings

    1. I actually won’t be selling them now…thanks for looking!

  4. I was wondering if there is a website that sells these balls at low price.(not eBay)

    1. Hi there is like and but these usually sell the current range and not prior year ones which would have been discontinued from manufacture and hence the price.

    1. I have been monitoring your ebay listings for a while and I was hoping you can get a version of these old premier league balls from your contacts. I have this one already and am looking for the Nike Geo Merlin Hi-Vis used on the 2002/2003 to 2003/2004 seasons.

      1. I also like to collect football. But I certainly did not you more.
        , E-mail Contact me with you? I just need your football photos I will be satisfied.

      2. Thanks and we can certainly chat in Chinese. 你好!

      3. Do you guys collect mini balls too?

        I was wondering anyone can give me a hand to find some older one.

  5. Thanks Wilson, I have most of them already. Just because most of them are made in China now, is easier to get them from there. Need to find some contact.

    1. Good to hear that. Are you based in Hong Kong?

  6. Hi! Wilson
    Nice collection !! I’m seeking a Telstar 1974 world cup ball original
    Let me know please if you have one or if you
    Can help me to find one!

    1. Hi Jose, I do not have one at the moment but will keep a keen lookout for you!


  7. Hi! Wilson
    I have 3 match used official world cup balls
    Let me know if you are interest in any of my three soccer balls I have for sale? Or do you know anyone that might be interested
    Paraguay vs Japan
    England vs USA
    Slovenia vs England
    Go FB

    1. How much for the Jabulani?

  8. Hi! Wilson
    wilson you could give me the email of reg ?please I know reg!

    1. Reg in I don’t really know his email actually.

    2. Jose, my email is

  9. Hey, where do you live? do you live in Singapore? Are you that seller in ebay?

    1. Hi James, yes I occasionally sell balls in ebay under ID wchia1977

      1. i knew it. You bought one of my soccer ball. The teamgeist tournament ball.

      2. Yes indeed…good rare ball. Helps me edge towards completion of my portfolio. Do you have MLS balls for sale?

      3. I have the MLS2008 Final with a original box and MLS Final jabulani
        They are up in ebay Right now.

  10. hi
    Its good to hook up with friends that have the same passion.

    Heres a look at my collection.

    Need any from my collection??

    1. Thanks and great to hook up with a fellow collector! Am not sure if I need some balls from your collection yet as it seems I have most. Do you have still pictures of all your balls?

  11. I sell balls in eBay, user: jomadiaz

    1. Do you have links to ebay on what you are selling now?

  12. Hi Wilson, good to see you’re back in business (after the hack, i mean)

    I’ve got a question for you…
    Have you ever heard about a Terrestra orange ?
    I bought it a few days ago from some soccer outlet web store for only € 29.95
    It’s FIFA aproved #202.B3S and it’s not intended as a snow ball since the orange is not that bright, the print is in blue (all of it)
    I hope you can tell me more about this.
    I’ve been searching the internet but i did’nt find even a trace of it.
    You’re kind a my last hope 🙂

    Thanks in advance,

    Marc (Netherlands)

    1. Yes I have heard of it before. I know that snow balls even up to the Roteiros were one grade below the actual match ball FIFA Approved versions which mean a older or ‘weaker’ technology. The Roteiro Orange was the same technology as the Roteiro Grand Stade. Likewise the same for the Questra Apollo and Tricolore Tournoi. These balls are nontheless FIFA Approved 🙂

      Adidas Questra Apollo – 202.B3S

      Adidas Tricolore Tournoi – 202.B3S

      Adidas Roteiro Orange – 202.R6G

      Adidas Roteiro Grand Stade 2005 Guatemalan League – 202.R6G

  13. Hi,
    I really enjoyed reading about your passion, and I was wondering if perhaps you could help me with a question? Recently I purchased a Powerorange europass, and as you know it reads match ball replica on one of the panels. But while searching the web, I found another Powerorange Europass that reads Official match ball instead, and the panel printing is different? So does that mean the one that both you and I own is fake? Or has adidas made two versions? I’d really appreciate any info you can give me, thanks!

    1. Hi Bobby, the answer is really that Adidas made 2 versions. One has the Euro 2008 logo (but wordings Match Ball Replica) and one without the Euro 2008 logo (but wordings Official Match Ball). It will not be a fake since a fake will try to be as real as possible but Adidas has been naming their orange balls Match Ball Replicas quite often up to even 2009.

  14. Hi, I recently sent an email to you but am yet to receive a response! I see you are looking for U17 matchballs and was wondering if you’d be interested in a women’s European championships U17 cafusa? I also have a 2009 Rome matchball with the teams printed on. Thanks!

    1. Hi mate sorry for the late reply. I am interested in both balls and do you mind sending me pictures of them?

    2. I’m interested in the Rome ball send me pictures please !
      Can you send email please

      1. Sorry it is not for sale.

  15. Hi!
    Beautiful balls.
    I am collector of miniballs.
    Do you have balls for sale?

    1. Sorry I don’t collect miniballs.

    2. Hi Pablo,

      What balls do you have? Do you have any extras to sell?

      1. I have all the balls displayed here and a lot more. I am currently only selling Adidas Europa League 2009 PowerOrange.

      2. Is the Adidas ball still available?

  16. hello, i am new to this, came upon some balls that appear to have some value and may be interested in selling for the right price i guess. i have a mitre ultimax mls and an ultimax premier league , both are in perfect condition have never been aired up ! however when i tried to air them up yesterday they did not hold air 🙁 is anyone out there looking for these ?
    i also have adidas official world cup balls that were purchased the year of the world cup and never used and do hold air, as i pumped them up for the first time yesterday .
    all perfect !
    let me know if anyone is interested my email is

    thanks again

  17. Hi! First off, really nice website!:-)
    I got a matchball collection of:
    Adidas Jabulani
    Adidas Teamgeist Final
    Adidas Champions League 2010 Final
    Adidas Speedcell
    Adidas Europass Gloria
    Puma PowerCat 1.12
    Adidas Adipure 10

    I’m willing to sell some of them, and if you’re interested, you can send me an email to 🙂

    1. I have almost all of these balls already. Thanks for the offer!

  18. Hi, I am looking to purchase multiple footballs. Please email me if you are interested in selling. Thanks.

  19. Hi I am looking for a offical wawa aba do you know where I can get one ??

    1. Hi please check out ebay as some do come on listing now and then.

  20. hi, i find this VERY rare ball on Mexican Mercadolibre

    he wants 800 dollars aprox for that ball…

    1. If I can get 1 for you about 250 US dollars, will you be interested?

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