Adidas Pelias (FIFA 100 Years in German)

I have not seen another one like this yet and it came together with the Adidas Pelias 1904 FIFA 100 Years ball. Why I say so is not so much the design, which is pretty much what you get for all the Adidas Pelias but more of the FIFA 100 Years Anniversary logo which says in German “100 Jahre”. Trust me, the rest you have seen would be “100 Years” in English. For sure.

This is probably only available in Germany as the special edition box actually holds both the Adidas Pelias 1904 FIFA 100 Years ball and this Adidas Pelias FIFA 100 Years German Language Ball.

Made in Thailand.
FIFA Approved Code: 202.J1P



The Adidas Pelias was first used in the football events of the 2004 Summer Olympics, and was the official ball for all FIFA events in Europe in 2004. The ball is made by Adidas, and was made using the same materials and construction as the adidas Roteiro, the official matchball of the UEFA European Football Championship in 2004. The ball uses a Thermal Bonding technique, as well as Adidas’ Power Balance Technology.



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