Adidas Questra Apollo

The Adidas Questra Apollo seems to be different version from the Adidas Questra in that it has a different FIFA Approved Code. The code is 202.B3S for the Questra Apollo while it is 202.L5E for the Questra. The 202.B3S code is that of the Adidas Tricolore Tournoi, which is a lower end match ball version of the Adidas Tricolore, official match ball of the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Knowing that Adidas would usually base an older technology as a lower end match ball, the Tricolore Tournoi should have been based on the 202.L5E of the Questra but since it uses the 202.B3S of the Questra Apollo, I would believe that the Questra Apollo is actually a later and improved version from the Questra.

According to Wikipedia, the last edition of the Questra was the “Questra Apollo”, which was used in La Liga matches and by the Spanish national team in the 1996-97 season. The Questra Apollo was identical to the original Questra from the 1994 World Cup, except for bearing the logo of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

This seems to be the first time that balls are being made in Pakistan so the Questra Apollo could actually be the first time that match balls and other balls in general are being massed produced in Pakistan and not in Spain, France or Germany.

Made in Pakistan.
FIFA Approved Code: 202.B3S



I have not seen one so far since it must have been in those days where online narratives were not as rampant yet.


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