Nike Black White Mercurial Vapor Prototype

The is the prototype Nike Mercurial Vapor that comes in black and white on each half of the ball, and it also does not have the fused panels that come with balls of the Nike era from the Total 90 Aerow series. Compared to the other Mercurial Vapor prototype which is the Nike Mercurial Vapor Silver White Prototype, this one seems to be an even earlier version as it does not have the patterns surrounding the circumference of the ball.

The feel of this ball seem to point to a match ball quality of the NK Geo series. Other than the absence of fused panels and a FIFA Approved code (even though the logo exists), this prototype, which must have been used to test out the design of the Mercurial Vapor series, looks pretty much like a decent match ball.

Made in Pakistan.

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Nike Black White Mercurial Vapor Prototype


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