Nike Geo Merlin 2000 to 2001 English Premier League

The first Nike ball to make waves and penetrate into the Enlgish Premier League. The Geo Merlin is probably the ball that placed Nike on the map of world football, with the global appeal of the English top flight competition. This ball does not have the fused panels but some websites call this the Geo Merlin Vapor which I believe belongs to the later version with the fused panels. Which brings me to the write up below from, though it relates to the Geo Merlin Vapor, it really was describing the ball used in the 2001 to 2002 seasons. Maybe some kind soul would enlighten me?

Made in Pakistan.
FIFA Approved Code: 259.J8S


Faster, rounder and FIFA approved, Nike’s Geo Merlin Vapor delivered the latest in Nike design and innovation. Developed around the revolutionary DART (Dynamic Acceleration Response and Touch) casing system, the Geo Merlin Vapor had everything from a softer touch to explosive speed.

Deadly accurate yet still extremely durable, the Geo Merlin Vapor had explosive power coming off the boot, improved softness and touch and excellent shape retention. The Geo Merlin Vapor also spawned the Nike Geo Chrome, as famously used in the Nike secret tournament adverts. .



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