Nike Seitiro 2011 English Premier League

Just when you thought that the Total 90 Tracer was the prettiest ball that Nike can come up with and the best to kickaround, the eight change results in a futuristic pixelised pattern to the simple white background. And for once in a long while Nike had dropped the Total 90 moniker from this match ball. Will this ball be rounder than round?

But if you look a bit further and compare the FIFA Approve Code of 259.Q7V, it is actually the same as the Total 90 Tracer which seems to mean this Seitiro ball just had a makeover.

Made in China.
FIFA Approved Code: 259.Q7V

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The Nike Seitiro features Nike RaDaR technology, which stands for Rapid Decisive and Response. The Nike RaDaR allows players to make faster decisions on the pitch and stay ahead of the pace of the game.

Incorporating technology to allow the ball to travel faster, longer and truer than any other ball, the synthetic casing on the Nike Seitiro ball creates a golf ball dimple effect, allowing players to have total control of the flight and movement of the ball.

The geometric precision of the Nike Seitiro Football distributes pressure evenly, for an accurate and powerful strike no matter where the ball is hit.

The construction of the new Premier League 11/12 ball incorporates compressed polyethylene layers which store energy from impact and release it at launch. Along with cross-linked Nitrogen-Expanded Foam, Nike claim this ball will offer exceptional shape retention and durability. carrying the FIFA approved mark are guaranteed for consistent performance.



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