Nike Total 90 Aerow 2004 English Premier League

This is the third model in the range of Nike balls launched and used in the English Premier League. The Total 90 Aerow series tags on to the Total 90 brand of football apparels and the brand name is derived from the 90 minutes traditionally played in a football match. Again the design with 3 circles surrounding the football veers from the traditional Tango design associated with Adidas footballs.

Made in Pakistan.
FIFA Approved Code: 259.W2E


The first of a new breed, the Nike Total 90 Aerow Ball was one of the most accurate and fastest balls created. Utilising 6 unique layers in the balls casing to set new standards in speed, accuracy and consistency of flight. A layer of compressed Zote foam (an extremely responsive and durable material) combined with two layers of vulcanised latex rubber in the ball casing created a “Trampoline” effect when struck, propelling the ball off the foot at a greatly increased speed.

The Total 90 Aerow Ball continued to incorporate Nike’s patented Geo Technology, distributing pressure evenly across the whole ball ensuring it stays completely spherical. Microscopic grooves etched into the balls high-performance Teijin casing, reduced deviation and further stabilised the flight of the ball. An Exclusive high-strength webbing support layer in the ball’s casing ensured that the ball retains shape and provided extra durability.



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