Nike Total 90 Ascente Red 2009 Spanish Primera Liga

This cool red ball is probably the best looking of all the Total 90 Ascentes. Even though the Total 90 Ascente Red does not have the FIFA Approved certification and only up to International Matchball Standards, you and I know it to be of the same match ball qualities. This particular ball here was used in the Spanish Primera Liga and carries the LFP logo.

Made in Pakistan.
International Matchball Standards



Exclusive games across England, Spain, and Italy will introduce the special edition (NIKE) RED T90 Ascente ball in a unified show of support for the Lace Up Saves Lives partnership designed to raise funds and awareness for the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The (NIKE) RED ball is a specially designed T90 Ascente – the same ball currently used by all three leagues. But for one weekend it becomes more than a tool for victory. Spiraling RED around the field, the ball becomes a symbol bigger than any game, team, or league.

The global battle to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS is greater than any trophy and will require all of us to play on the same team.



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