Nike Total 90 Tracer Hi-Vis 2010 English Premier League

The seventh heaven in winter yellow edition. Every bit as classy looking as its white brethen.

Made in China.
FIFA Approved Code: 259.Q7V

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The Nike Total 90 Tracer, is a very high standard match quality Fifa approved football, styled in a hi-vis yellow colourway for match use in dim winter conditions.

This Nike Premier League football comes designed using a high performance PU layered outer, featuring a new sphericity design for consistent flight, accuracy and power. As well as this, the Nike hi-vis football incorporates Nike Geo balance technology to distribute weight evenly and dramatically reduce drag in the air.

The asymmetrical design on the outer of this hi-vis Nike Total 90 Tracer football creates a more visible pattern for players to see more clearly when the ball is spinning and moving in the air.



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